About Us

At Accurate Carriers USA, outstanding quality, innovative designs, and on-time delivery, have been the basis for managing our family owned, and operated business since opening our doors in 1986. Using our "never say no" attitude, while consistently providing products and services that meet or exceed the expectations of our customers has been our never ceasing goal. Our founders and key staff, have extensive machining, and engineering backrounds, which have contributed to our powerful stance in the industry.

Accurate Carriers USA has proudly grown to a one-stop solution for all of your SMT, and SMD packaging needs. The design, production, and warehousing, of our products and services, is mantained under one roof, keeping control 100% within. A vigilant engineering approach to all manufacturing challanges, provide our customers with cost effective, compliant products, that meet or exceed the most exacting specifications.

For years, our customer base has included many well known entities in the electronics and manufacturing industry. Using our high standards, and flexible approach, has allowed us to significantly raise the bar for Quality, Lead-times, and Pricing, with every single customer we serve.

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